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Here in Snohomish we are fortunate enough to have some of the best soil around right under our feet. Regenerative Agriculture helps to not only preserve that ground but improve the environment that grows from it and the local economy!



We want our farm to benefit 3 major areas

-Our Poultry- 

  From day one they are supplemented with a locally farmed, organic chick starter or grower depending on their life stage.

 Once they reach pullet stage their diet becomes predominantly forage and grazing from their rotating grassland environment, confined only at night for predator safety. 

-Our Native Ecosystem-

 We are working to use our chicken farm as an extension of the land and water system we are all apart of.

  Native and climate appropriate grasses, legumes, shrubs, and trees have been planted that will create nutrition and cover for not only our poultry but the wildlife as well. 

-Our local economy-

  When it comes to buying small and local we practice what we preach! 100% of the feed and plants we buy are from farmers and producers in Northwestern WA. 

  We hope to gradually establish a network of families and restaurants to supply a healthy, sustainable source of protein!


Why Pastured Poultry?

Pasture raised is a better method of farming for everything involved. The land. The birds. The people.

  Real pasture raised poultry lives the majority of their lives on fresh vegetative pastures and are housed in mobile shelters while on pasture. At night, the birds sleep inside to protect them from predators, and the flock is moved to new pastures frequently.

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